OSHIO Takashi

The below information is as of September 30, 2019. It may differ from the current information.

OSHIO Takashi

OSHIO Takashi

Faculty Fellow (until September 30, 2019)

Director, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University

Activities at RIETI


Public Economics

Research Projects


2002 Ph.D. in International Public Policy, Osaka University
1989 M.A. in Economics, Yale University
1983 Bachelor of Liberal Arts, University of Tokyo


2009 Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
1983 Joined the Economic Planning Agency (EPA)

Selected Publications and Papers

Papers Published in Refereed Journals

  • "The dynamic impact of retirement on health: Evidence from a nationwide ten-year panel survey in Japan," Preventive Medicine, 2017, 100, 287-293 (with Mari Kan).
  • "Does work-to-family conflict really matter for health? Cross-sectional, prospective cohort and fixed-effects analyses," Social Science & Medicine, 2017, 175, 36-42 (with Akiomi Inoue, and Akizumi Tsutsumi).
  • "The association between job stress and leisure-time physical inactivity adjusted for individual attributes: Evidence from a Japanese occupational cohort survey," Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, 2016, 42(3), 228-236 (with Akiomi Inoue and Akizumi Tsutsumi).
  • "The association between individual-level social capital and health: Cross-sectional, prospective cohort, and fixed-effects models," Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 2016, 70, 25-30.
  • "How is an informal caregiver's psychological distress associated with prolonged caregiving? Evidence from a six-wave panel survey in Japan," Quality of Life Research, 2015, 24(12), 2907-2915.
  • "Do time-invariant confounders explain away the association between job stress and workers' mental health?: Evidence from Japanese occupational panel data," Social Science & Medicine, 2015, 126, 138-144 (with Akizumi Tsutsumi and Akiomi Inoue).
  • "The association between involvement in family caregiving and mental health among middle-aged adults in Japan," Social Science & Medicine, 2014, 115, 121-129.
  • "Neighbourhood satisfaction, self-rated health, and psychological attributes: A multilevel analysis in Japan," Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2012, 32(4), 410-417 (with Kunio Urakawa).
  • "Income inequality, perceived happiness, and self-rated health: Evidence from nationwide surveys in Japan," Social Science & Medicine, 2010, 70(9), 1358-1366 (with Miki Kobayashi).
  • "Income inequality, area-level poverty, perceived aversion to inequality and self-rated health in Japan," Social Science & Medicine, 2009, 69(3), 317-326 (with Miki Kobayashi).

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