Faculty Fellow

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University

Activities at RIETI


Macroeconomics; Japanese economics; Asian economic trends

Research Projects


2006 Ph.D., Economics, Hitotsubashi University
1978 B.A. (Economics) The University of Tokyo


2009-2011 Vice President, Gakushuin University
2006 Visiting Researcher, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics
2001-2003 Visiting Professor, Economic Research Institute, Hitotsubashi University
2000 Visiting Lecturer, Economic Research Institute, Hitotsubashi University
1999 Professor, Faculty of Economics, Gakshuin University
1997-99 Director, Nagoya Branch, Development Bank of Japan
1995-97 Associate Professor, Economic Research Institute, Hitotsubashi University
1989 Senior Economist, Research Institute of Capital Formation, JDB
1988 Fellow, Economic Growth Center, Yale University
1987 Fellow, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University
1982-84 Economist, Economic Planning Agency
1978 Joined the Japan Development Bank (JDB)

Selected Publications and Papers

"The impact of technology shocks on the Japanese business cycle-An empirical analysis based on Japanese industry data," Tsutomu Miyagawa, Yukie Sakuragawa and Miho Takizawa, Japan and the World Economy, Vol.18, Issue 4, pp.401-417, December 2006.

"Productivity and the Business Cycles in Japan: Evidence from Japanese Industry Data," Tsutomu Miyagawa, Yukie Sakuragawa and Miho Takizawa, The Japanese Economic Review, Vol.57, No.2, pp.161-186, June 2006. "The IT Revolution and Productivity Growth in Japan," co-authored with Yukiko Ito and Nobuyuki Harada, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol.18, No.2, June 2004, pp.362-389.

"Sectoral Productivity and Economic Growth in Japan: 1970-98: An Empirical Analysis Based on the JIP Database," co-authored with Kyoji Fukao, Tomohiko Inui and Hiroki Kawai, Growth and Productivity in East Asia , NBER East Asia Seminar on Economics, Volume 13, co-edited by Takatoshi Ito and Andrew Rose, The University of Chicago Press, 2004.

"Corporate Governance and Research and Development: Evidence from Japan," co-authored with Kaoru Hosono and Masayo Tomiyama, Economic of Innovation and new Technology, Vol.13, No.2, pp.141-164, 2004.

"Inefficiency of Corporate Investment and distortion of Savings Behavior in Japan," co-authored with Albert Ando and Dimitrios Christerlis, Structural Impediments to Growth in Japan, co-edited by Magnus Blomstrom, Jennifer Corbett, Fumio Hayashi and Anil Kashyap, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, pp.155-190, 2003.

"Foreign Direct Investment in Japan and R&D activities of Japanese Firms," co-authored with Joji Tokui and Takehiko Yasuda, Gakushuin University, Research Institute of Economics and Management, Discussion Paper Series No.99-3, 1999.

"Asian Economic Crisis and Equilibrium Exchange Rate," co-authored with Hideki Toya, Financial Review 48, Ministry of Finance, 1999.

"Changes in Industrial Structure and the Japanese Economy," The Japanese Economy: Economic Problems in the 21st Century, co-edited by R. Komiya and M. Okuno, Toyo Keizai Shimposha, 1998.

"Technological Progress in Japnese Environment Problems," Innovation in Japan, co-edited by A. Goto and H. Odagiri, Oxford University Press, 1997.