RIETI Report March 2012

The China Industrial Productivity (CIP) Database Project

The China Industrial Productivity (CIP) Database Project is a joint research effort between the Institute of Economic Research (IER), Hitotsubashi University and RIETI. Initiated in January 2010 by Professor Harry X. Wu and Professor Kyoji Fukao, both from the IER, it aims to construct consistent industry-level input and output data series that satisfy analytical studies in a general production function framework as well as for international comparisons of output and productivity. CIP Database Round 1.0 is the first version of the CIP Database and covers the period 1987-2008. RIETI is providing the basic financial support from FY2010-FY2012. Supplementary financial support comes from IER-based sources.

In the March issue of the RIETI Report, we introduce the Technical Notes, which defines the indicators of the CIP Database Round 1.0 and briefly introduces how they are constructed with the available data sources as well as existing studies on data problems, as well as providing the readers with spreadsheets containing data from the CIP Round 1.0 Data and CIP Round 1.0 Input-Output Tables.

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