RIETI Report December 2002

Greetings from RIETI

Greetings from RIETI

Season's greeting! We hope everyone is enjoying holiday seasons. This issue of RIETI Report is a guide to RIETI website. We hope this can help you to find what you want. RIETI will be closed from December 28 2002 to January 5, 2003 due to New Year's Holiday.


What is RIETI ?
The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI), an independent administrative institution with non-civil servant status, was established on April 1, 2001 as a new platform to bring about creative and innovative policy debates based on world-class research, analysis and policy studies from mid- and long-term strategic perspectives. For the information regarding its organization, its leadership, objectives and plan, financial statement, performance and evaluation, and its location, click here

Who are the RIETI fellows ?

At RIETI, there are more than 100 fellows. They are senior fellows, fellows, reseach associates, faculty fellows, visiting fellows, consulting fellows, and graduate research associates. To find out who they are and what are their expertise, click here

Events at RIETI

For the information on policy symposium hosted by RIETI and its summaries, videos and more, click here

For the RIETI's famous BBL (brown bag lunch seminar) series, (schedule and summaries) click here

Columns by RIETI Fellows


Discussion Papers


Policy Debate

RIETI Policy Debate aims to give rise to on-the-Web discussions and make policy proposals by presenting RIETI fellows' views and proposals concerning government policies and current issues and inviting opinions from researchers, policymakers and journalists.

China in Transition by C.H. Kwan

China is undergoing a dual transition from a planned to a market economy, and from a traditional agricultural to a modern industrial society. In this column, Kwan examines how this process has come about, and its implications for China's 1.3 billion people as well as the rest of the world.

Corporate Governance Japan

The on-line forum Corporate Governance Japan aims to report fresh observations and promote lively debate about ongoing change within Japanese corporations.

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It contains key policy issues in Japan and other important topics today. Each page includes a collection of links from RIETI website, including RIETI columns, seminar summaries, academic papers and more. It will help you to facilitate Keyword Search.


Miyakodayori is an Asian economic policy newsletter published by RIETI. Published approximately twice a month, the purpose of the newsletter is to feature the analyses of writers living in Japan or associated with RIETI.

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Event Information

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BBL Seminars

Fellow titles and links in the text are as of the date of publication.

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RIETI Report is published monthly.