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Hello from RIETI <RIETI Featured Fellow> C.H. KWAN

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Hello from RIETI <RIETI Featured Fellow> C.H. KWAN

C.H. KWANConsulting Fellow, RIETI

Greetings from RIETI

The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) became an independent administrative institution (IAI) on April 1, 2001, succeeding its predecessor, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Research Institute (MITI RI). Our mission is to contribute to the policy market by proposing policy alternatives backed by analytical and empirical research.

Marking the second year since our rebirth, we are committed to familiarizing you with our research activities. This letter deliver the latest information on the economic research front and other policy issues in Japan.

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RIETI in the Press

"From inertia to initiative," opinion by Hau Boon Lai; The Straits Times(5/5/02)

"Rely less on US economy, China academic tells Asia," opinion by Alan Wheatley; Reuters (4/22/02)

"Asia should pool forces to stand up to US-Stiglitz," opinion by Alan Wheatley; Reuters (4/22/02)

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"System Design in the Broadband Era," edited by Nobuo Ikeda (RIETI Senior Fellow) and Koichiro Hayashi (Professor, Keio University), Toyo Keizai Shinposha, April, 2002) Japanese language only.

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RIETI research fellows are mainly chategorized into three groups. In-house fellows, faculty fellows, who also teach at universities, and visiting fellows, who also have positions in the government.

We will pick one fellow at a time to introduce him or her to readers.
This time, we would like to introduce Senior Fellow, C.H. Kwan.


Dr. Kwan has been senior fellow at RIETI since 2001. He was senior economist at Nomura Research Institute from 1987 to 2001. He was a visiting fellow at Centerfor Northeast Asian Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution from September 1999 to June 2000.
His research areas include China's economic reform and regional integration. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Tokyo in 1996.
"Yen Bloc-Toward Economic Integration in Asia," Brookings Institution Press, 2001, is his latest English book among many of his works. Click here
He also published many works in Japanese and Chinese. He served as a member of many Japanese Government Committees such as the Economic Council(Advisory Council to the Prime Minister), and the Trade and Investment Policy Committee (MITI).

Kwan's latest activities:

'The Economics of "Engrish:"How to fix Japan's English language deficit, in "miyakodayorri36"(May 7, 2002)

'Unwanted monetary stability between Japan and China,' in "Chinse Review Weekly" (May 9, 2002)

'How to Understand Japan-China Economic Relations Properly,'in "Toa" (May 1, 2002)

Presented 'Overcoming japan's China Syndrom,' at RIETI Symposium "Asian Economic
Integration-Current Status and Future Prospect." (April 22, 2002) Presented 'Trade Friction Shifting from "Japan-US" to "Japan-China," at Japan Economic Research Center Symposium. (April 19, 2002)

Presented 'Emerging China and Japan,' presented as a panelist at the 15th Keizai Doyukai Seminar. (April 11, 2002)

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Dr. Kwan started a homepage titled "China in Transition" to better the understanding among those outside of China regarding changes taking place in China'seconomy. You find not only his comments but also proposals and analysis by Chinese researchers who directly participate in policy discussions in China.
He thinks a logical, not emotionalassessment is needed. Click here

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