Leading-edge Digital Technology to Solve Societal Problems

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by MANAGI Shunsuke
Publisher Chuokeizai-Sha Inc.
ISBN 978-4-502-44651-1
Publication Date March 2023

Table of Contents

As the world changes with the ultra-rapid creation of new technologies for digitalization, discussions have begun around the world on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its ability to enrich human society.
This book will provide a multifaceted analysis of how our society should perceive the changes happening in the specific areas where consideration for human concerns related to AI is becoming more prevalent.


Preface: Desirable Utilization of Data and Digital Technology through Social and Economic Digitalization
Chapter 1: Creating Workplaces for Young People through Digitalization of Local Industries
Chapter 2: Trust in Rehabilitation Robots: From prior studies
Chapter 3: AI, Robot Technology and Corporate Performance
Chapter 4: Analysis of the Impact of Demand Forecasting Algorithms on Corporate Behavior
Chapter 5: Consumers’ Evaluation of the Binding Nature of Terms and Conditions in Online Transactions
Chapter 6: Societal Issues from the Viewpoint of Happiness—Potential use of AI
Chapter 7: An Economic Theorist's Long Dream, Society 5.0, Evolution
Chapter 8: Utilization of Electricity Market Data for Creating a Decarbonized Society
Chapter 9: Optimal Damage Compensation Rules with Fully Automated Vehicles
Chapter 10: Impact of Renewable Energy Promotion Policies on Electricity Wholesale Markets—A comparison of feed-in tariff, feed-in premium, and carbon tax
Chapter 11: Global Value Chains and Balance of Payments Imbalances