The Implementation of Nudges in Public Policy in Japanese Local Governments: Suggestions from a Case-study on the Structure and Promotion Strategies of YBiT

Author Name TAKAHASHI Yuta (Yokohama Behavioral insights and Design Team (YBiT)) / UETAKE Kaori (Yokohama Behavioral insights and Design Team (YBiT)) / TSUDA Hirokazu (Consulting Fellow, RIETI) / OHYAMA Kohei (Yokohama Behavioral insights and Design Team (YBiT)) / SASAKI Shusaku (Tohoku Gakuin University)
Creation Date/NO. October 2020 20-P-026
Research Project Establishing Evidence-Based Policy Making in Japan
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This paper aims to offer useful suggestions on how to popularize the use of nudges among local municipalities by analyzing the Yokohama Behavioral insights and Design Team (YBiT), which promotes the practical use of nudges across Japan. We focus on two aspects of YBiT: its structure and promotion strategies. Regarding the structure, we compared YBiT with other foreign nudge units and determined minimum requirements for various items including proficiency and administrative and/or political support. As for the promotion strategies, we analyzed the typical challenges local municipalities would face in applying nudges and presented possible solutions based on YBiT's unique promotion model. We hope that the majority of Japanese local governments will be able to internalize Behavioral Insights as cases of municipal level BI implementation and evidence of its effectiveness expand.