Technological Competitiveness of China's Internet Platforms: Comparison of Google and Baidu Using Patent Text Information

Author Name MOTOHASHI Kazuyuki (Faculty Fellow, RIETI) / ZHU Chen (University of Tokyo)
Creation Date/NO. May 2020 20-E-045
Research Project Digitalization and Innovation Ecosystem: A Holistic approach
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Internet platforms in China (BAT: Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) are receiving growing attention in terms of their technological competitiveness compared to US players (GAFA: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). Using text information of patent information in China and the US, this study analyzes Baidu's technological catching up process with Google. Based on document-level embedding results, we conduct cluster analysis and generate new indicators of technology cumulativeness and impact based on neighbor patents in the content space. The results reveal that Baidu follows a trend of US rather than Chinese technology which suggests Baidu is aggressively seeking to catch up with US players in the process of its technological development. At the same time, the impact index of Baidu patents increases over time, reflecting its upgrading of technological competitiveness.

Forthcoming: Motohashi, Kazuyuki, and Chen Zhu. "Technological competitiveness of China's internet platformers: Comparison of Google and Baidu by using patent text information," Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.