How Can Measurement of Benchmark Production Systems be Improved? – The Structure of Secondary Products by Main Activity based on the Survey on Diversification of Sales in Japan

Author Name NOMURA Koji (Faculty Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. February 2020 20-J-008
Research Project Productivity Gaps and Industrial Competitiveness
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Measuring benchmark production systems plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy of GDP statistics. The purpose of this paper is to find a type of relationship between main activities (JSIC 395 activities) and secondary products (SDS 900 products), based on the newly designed Survey on Diversification of Sales (SDS) in Japan. Cataloging the production structure of detailed secondary products by main activity enables the examination of the accuracy of the benchmark production system. According to our examination, 14.9 trillion yen (about 7.7 trillion yen in terms of GDP) of the domestic production value of secondary products may be missing in the current supply table in the 2015 benchmark year.