The Impact of Export Promotion with Matchmaking on Exports and Service Outsourcing
(Previous title) Do Trade Fairs Promote Export?*

Author Name MAKIOKA Ryo (Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. January 2020 20-E-007
Research Project Comprehensive Research on Evidence Based Policy Making (EBPM)
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First draft: January 2020
Revised: April 2021


The paper analyzes the effects of support for attending trade fairs on exports, foreign direct investments (FDI), and service outsourcing, using Japanese firm-level data on both performances and trade-fair participation. To solve self-selection problem into the service, I utilize a difference-in-differences matching estimation approach with unique firm characteristics, as well as a linear estimation approach with multiple fixed-effects. The results show that there are positive effects of attending trade-fairs on exporting status. Furthermore, attending a trade fair induces firms to outsource their market research activity.

* We revised this discussion paper with the new tile in April 2021. This paper was previously circulated under the title "Do Trade Fairs Promote Export?."

Published: Makioka, Ryo, 2021. "The impact of export promotion with matchmaking on exports and service outsourcing," Review of International Economics, Volume29, Issue5 (2021), 1418-1450.