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Applied Microeconomic, International Economics


2018 Ph.D. in Economics, Penn State University, USA
2011 M.A. in Economics, Hitotsubashi University
2009 B.A. in Social Sciences, Waseda University


2021 - Lecturer, Graduate School of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University
2018 - 2021 Fellow, RIETI
2016 - 2017 Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State University
2015 Summer Research Intern, International Monetary Fund
2011 Research Assistant, Hitotsubashi University

Selected Publications and Papers

  • "Decomposing the Effect of SNAP," 2019, Working Paper
  • "The Impact of Anti-Sweatshop Activisms on Employment," 2021, Review of Development Economics 25(2): 630-653.
  • "The Impact of Export Promotion with Matchmaking on Export and Service Outsourcing," 2021, Review of International Economics 29(5): 1418-1450.
  • "Trade-off Between Job Losses and the Spread of COVID-19 in Japan," 2021, Japanese Economic Review 72(4): 683-716.
  • "The Heterogeneous Effects of COVID-19 on Labor Markets: People’s Movement and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions," with Kisho Hoshi, Hiroyuki Kasahara, Michio Suzuki, Satoshi Tanaka 2022, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 63: 110-170.
  • "The Impact of the Rana Plaza Collapse on Global Retailers" with Laura Boudreau and Mari Tanaka, 2017, Working Paper
  • "On the Cause of Female Labor Force Participation in Costa Rica" with Anna Ivanova, Joyce Wong, 2017, Working Paper
  • "Quantile Difference in Differences with Time-Varying Qualification in Panel Data" with Karim Nchare, 2022, Working Paper


Japan-IMF Scholarship