Estimating Family Preference for Home Elderly-care Services: Large-scale Conjoint Survey Experiment in Japan

Author Name KANEKO Shinji (Hiroshima University) / KAWATA Keisuke (University of Tokyo) / YIN Ting (Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. November 2019 19-E-092
Research Project Economic Analysis of the Development of the Nursing Care Industry in China and Japan
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Elderly care services have attracted attention in many aging countries. However, the relative importance of service attributes has not been well evaluated. This paper estimates the consumer surplus of multi-attribute elderly care services at home, which allows us to evaluate them from the social welfare perspective. We propose a new empirical approach combining a fully-randomized conjoint survey experiment and the non-parametric rational choice model. Our survey is for Japanese respondents aged 40-59 and shows that expansions of service contents significantly increases the consumer surplus. Additionally, the surplus gain is completely heterogeneous; while many respondents have no surplus gains, the average surpluses are of significant size among remaining respondents.