The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: How Our Lives, Our Work and Our Society Will Change

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and Edited by MANAGI Shunsuke
ISBN 978-4-623-08325-1
Publication Date October 2018

Table of Contents


Introduction: How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affect Our Society and Economy?

Part 1. AI in Firms: Effective utilization and challenges.
Chapter 1. Impact of AI in Employment and Social Policy
Chapter 2. Why Can’t Many Firms Effectively Utilize AI for Their Management?
Chapter 3. Sustainable Smart City Implementation.

Part 2. Legal Issues Surrounding AI.
Chapter 4. Basic Ideas of Developing Legal Systems for AI
Chapter 5. Fundraising and Legal Regulations in AI Business: With a focus on crowdfunding.
Chapter 6. Drones and their Regulations: From the perspective of indemnity.

Part 3. Future Impact of AI Dissemination
Chapter 7. Who is going to Purchase Autonomous Cars?
Chapter 8. Autonomous Cars will Change Travel Distances.
Chapter 9. Analysis of ICT Utilization and Markups.
Chapter 10. Economic Theory of Unemployment and Income Gaps in an AI World.

Part 4. Challenges of AI Technology Development.
Chapter 11. How Life Satisfaction is Affected by Working Hours: Examination of methods of utilizing AI.
Chapter 12. Has Adoption of ICT been Successful in Japanese Firms? Implications of introduction of AI.
Chapter 13. Impact of ICT Investment and Legal Regulations: Analysis of the impact of work regulations in capital and ICT investments.
Chapter 14. Research Development Strategy of AI Technology: Research through patent analysis.

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.