Determinants of the Survival Ratio for De Jure Standards: AI-related technologies and interaction with patents

Author Name TAMURA Suguru (Senior Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. August 2018 18-P-014
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In this study, I focus on the characteristics of standardized technologies and the effective terms of regional de jure standards for discussing the effectiveness of their management system. Namely, the focus is on the total cost of ownership of standards. To this end, I analyze the determining factors considering the Japanese Industrial Standards of approximately 14,000 cases. I conduct a semi-parametric survival analysis to study the determinants of the effective term. The results demonstrate that the technological category and type of technical standards (e.g., product and design) significantly affect the effective term. International standards, legislative use, and standard essential patents are also shown to have significant influence on the effective term. Moreover, the technological category of artificial intelligence (AI)-related standards is established, and the effective term of AI-related technology is found to be significantly shorter. These findings contribute to better designing of the global and regional standards management processes, which in turn will contribute to improvements in the efficiency of global and regional innovation systems.