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Senior Fellow (until March 31, 2024)

Activities at RIETI


Science and Technology, Innovation Policy, Strategy, Scientometrics, Bibliometrics


1993 Master of Engineering, Kyoto University


2012 Senior Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry
2009 Associate Professor, Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering
2004 Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP), Cabinet Office
1993 Joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Selected Publications and Papers

Papers Published in Refereed Journals
・"Effects of Integrating Patents and Standards on Intellectual Property Management and Corporate Innovativeness in Japanese Electric Machine Corporations," International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 59, Nos. 3/4, Inderscience 2012
・"Policy Action for Strategic International Standardization," (in Japanese, co-authored with Hiroo Matsuda) Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 74(1) 12-15 2008
・"Structure and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Lanthanide Borate Glasses," (co-authored with Kentaro Terashima, Sea-Hoon Kim, and Toshinobu Yoko) Journal of American Ceramic Society 80(11) 2903-2909 November 1997

International Conference Proceedings
・"Influence of Industry on the de jure Standards Formation Process in Japan" (with Takuya Okano), presented at the PICMET12 (Portland International Center on Management of Engineering and Technology), Vancouver, Canada, July 2012
・"Impact of IP Organization on IP Strategy in Chinese Firms: A Case Study of Huawei" (with Yiqing Niu), presented at the IAMOT 2012, Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 2012
・"Correlation between Standardization and Innovation from the Viewpoint of Intellectual Property Activities: Electric Machine Industry and All Organizations in Japan," presented at the PICMET10 (Portland International Center on Management of Engineering and Technology), Phuket, Thailand, July 2010