The World Economy: Growth or Stagnation?

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by Dale W. JORGENSON, FUKAO Kyoji, and Marcel P. TIMMER
Publisher Cambridge University Press
ISBN 978-1107143340
Publication Date November 2016

Authors' Words

Table of Contents

1. The new world order (Dale W. Jorgenson)
2. US Economic Growth - retrospect and prospect: lessons from a prototype industry-level production account for the United States, 1947-2012 (Dale W. Jorgenson, Mun S. Ho and Jon D. Samuels)
3. The structural causes of Japan's lost decades (Kyoji Fukao, Kenta Ikeuchi, Hyeog Ug Kwon, Young Gak Kim, Tatsuji Makino and Miho Takizawa)
4. Growth and stagnation in Europe (Bart van Ark and Mary O'Mahony)
5. LA-KLEMS: economic growth and productivity in Latin America (André Hofman, Matilde Mas, Claudio Aravena and Juan Fernández de Guevara)
6. On China's strategic move for a new stage of development - a productivity perspective (Harry X. Wu)
7. Productivity growth in India under different policy regimes (Deb Kusum Das, Abdula Erumban, Suresh Aggarwal and Sreerupa Sengupta)
8. Is mining fuelling long-run growth in Russia? Industry productivity growth trends in 1995-2012 (Marcel P. Timmer and Ilya B. Voskoboynikov)
9. Intangibles, ICT and industry productivity growth: evidence from the EU (Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel and Cecilia Jona-Lasinio)
10. Do intangibles contribute to productivity growth in East Asian countries? Evidence from Japan and Korea (Hyunbae Chun, Miyagawa Tsutomu, Hak Kil Pyo and Tonogi Konomi)
11. BEA/BLS industry-level production account for the United States: integrated sources of growth, intangible capital, and the US recovery (Steven Rosenthal, Matthew Russell, Jon D. Samuels, Erich H. Strassner and Lisa Usher)
12. Measuring human capital: country experiences and international initiatives (Gang Liu and Barbara M. Fraumeni)
13. A half century of trans-Pacific competition: price-level indices and productivity gaps for Japanese and US industries, 1955-2012 (Dale W. Jorgenson, Koji Nomura and Jon D. Samuels)
14. Searching for convergence and its causes - an industry perspective (Robert Inklaar)
15. The rise of global manufacturing value chains: a new perspective based on the World Input-Output Database (Marcel P. Timmer, Bart Los and Gaaitzen J. de Vries)

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