The Economy of Intangibles: Intangible Investment and Productivity Improvements in Japan

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by MIYAGAWA Tsutomu, ASABA Shigeru, HOSONO Kaoru
Publisher University of Tokyo Press
ISBN 978-4-13-046118-4
Publication Date September 2016

Table of Contents

Introduction   Intangible Investment and Economic Growth in Japan
Chapter 1   Productivity Improvement and the Role of Intangible Investment

Part I   Intangible Assets and Firm-level Productivity
Chapter 2   Organizational Deadweight
Chapter 3   Management Practices and Firm Value
Chapter 4   Management Practices and R&D Activities
Chapter 5   Performance-related Pay and Productivity
Chapter 6   Internal Consistency in Human Resource Management and Firm Growth

Part II   Intangible Assets and Financial Markets
Chapter 7   Intangible Investment under Financial Constraints and Firm Value
Chapter 8   Business Start-up and Closure and Bank Competition
Chapter 9   The Going-Public Decision and Post-IPO Performance

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.