The Japanese Economy and the Energy Supply following the Nuclear Power Accident: Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by MANAGI Shunsuke
ISBN 978-4-623-07671-0
Publication Date July 2016

Table of Contents

Introduction   What is the Energy Problem?
Chapter I   In-house Power Generation in the Manufacturing Sector: Analysis of price elasticity of electricity purchased and generated in-house
Chapter II   Impact of Nuclear Power Plant Shutdowns and the Effects of Substitute Thermal Power Plants: Simulation analysis by season and time of day
Chapter III   Demand Response of Households with Photovoltaic Systems: From a field experiment in Yokohama
Chapter IV   Social Norms versus Price Incentives: Analysis of household energy-saving behavior based on a field experiment
Chapter V   Great East Japan Earthquake and Recovery of Manufacturing Establishments: What types of manufacturing establishments were successful in achieving a quick recovery
Chapter VI   Changes in Energy Production Efficiency: An analysis of the impact of industrial agglomeration on energy efficiency
Chapter VII   Variable Factors for Energy Consumption in the Manufacturing Sector: Verification by a factor analysis method
Chapter VIII   Factor Analysis of Consumer Attitude toward the Introduction of Environmental Technologies: An examination of the potential impacts of preference and behavioral economic factors on the penetration of photovoltaic power generation
Chapter IX   Japan's Feed-in Tariff System and the Effects on the Penetration of Photovoltaic Power Generation: To what extent has the price incentives contributed to the penetration of photovoltaic power generation?

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.