China's Industrial and Trade Policies and Economic Growth

Author Name ZHANG Hongyong (Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. May 2016 16-J-043
Research Project Historical Study on Japan's Trade and Industrial Policy: From an international perspective
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This paper investigates the evolution and effects of China's industrial and trade policies after its reform and opening-up in 1979. Specifically, this paper focuses on the effects of various policies (including processing trade regime, accession to the World Trade Organization, special economic zones and foreign direct investment policies, reform of state-owned enterprises, and innovation policies) on trade, investment, and productivity. Using data on China's industry, firms, and trade, there is a large and growing number of studies empirically evaluating the effects of China's industrial and trade policies. By a survey of the previous literature, this paper examines the evolution of China's industrial and trade policies and the mechanism of its economic growth. Furthermore, this paper points out the problems of China's industrial policies and the tasks in the future.