Does Standardization Affect Science Linkage? Implications for society and organizational management: Evidence from artificial intelligence-related technology

Author Name TAMURA Suguru (Senior Fellow, RIETI) / IWAMI Shino (University of Tokyo) / SAKATA Ichiro (Consulting Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. April 2016 16-P-007
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Revised: October 2017


This study examines the influence of standardization in scientific technology research. For this purpose, we use the knowledge structure modeled by academic papers, patent filings, and standardization, and a clustering analysis for the research method. As the research subject, we studied image-digitizing technology de jure standard that is used to encode and decode the transmission of audio and video. The technology is widely analyzed by artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning. Our study contributes in several ways. First, it provides a new knowledge structure consisting of (1) patents, (2) academic papers, and (3) standardization. Second, it determines whether (1) standardization has the influence to change the relationship between academic papers and patents in terms of a science linkage specifically relating to standardized technology and whether (2) standardization influences the academic productivity of researchers in the technology field.

Published: Tamura, Suguru, Shino Iwami, and Ichiro Sakata, 2021. "Knowledge formation of MPEG: Analysis using bibliographic," Synthesiology, 2021.