Sustainable Growth of the Japanese Economy: Evidence-Based Policy Recommendations

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by FUJITA Masahisa
Publisher University of Tokyo Press
ISBN 978-4-623-07480-8
Publication Date March 2016

Author's Words

Table of Contents

On the occasion of publication (NAKAJIMA Atsushi)
Preface (FUJITA Masahisa)
Introduction   Declining Population, Innovation, and Economic Growth (YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi)
Chapter 1   Firms and Trade Policy in a Global Economy (WAKASUGI Ryuhei)
Chapter 2   Challenges of the Japanese Economy: From the viewpoint of international macroeconomics (ITO Takatoshi and SHIMIZU Junko)
Chapter 3   Issues of Regional Revitalization amid Globalization and the Population Decline (HAMAGUCHI Nobuaki)
Chapter 4   Japanese Capability for Technological Innovation: Assessment and policy agenda for enhancement (NAGAOKA Sadao)
Chapter 5   Productivity, Industrial Structure, and Japan's Growth (FUKAO Kyoji)
Chapter 6   ‘New Industry’ Policy and New ‘Industrial Policy’ (OHASHI Hiroshi)
Chapter 7   Toward Reforming the Employment System and Human Resources Development (TSURU Kotaro)
Chapter 8   Sustainability of the Fiscal Deficit and the Social Security System, and Fiscal Cost of Monetary Policy (FUKAO Mitsuhiro)

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.