Empirical Analysis on Factors Behind Successful Entrepreneurs

Author Name MATSUDA Naoko (Fellow, RIETI) / MATSUO Yutaka (University of Tokyo)
Creation Date/NO. April 2014 14-E-018
Research Project Economic Analysis of Networks via Social Network Services (SNS)
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This research analyzes how human capital and social capital may impact business start-up activities by dividing the business start-up process into three stages and two periods. It shows that the kind of social capital involved in setting up a company differs from that required for the entrepreneur to make a profit. It also shows that successful entrepreneurs and those who are not exhibit different trends in their selection of persons with whom they consult regarding business operations and the contents of the consultations.

*This is the English version of the Japanese Discussion Paper (13-J-064).

Published: Matsuda, Naoko, and Yutaka Matsuo, 2017. "Impact of MBA on entrepreneurial success: Do entrepreneurs acquire capacity through the program or does MBA only signal gifted talent and experience?" Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management, Vol. 6(1)