An Analysis of Transaction and Joint-Patent Application Networks

Author Name INOUE Hiroyasu  (Osaka Sangyo University) /TAMADA Schumpeter  (Faculty Fellow, RIETI / Kwansei Gakuin University)
Creation Date/NO. March 2011 11-J-024
Research Project Exploring New Economic Indicators based on Multi-tiered Network Analysis Indicators
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Many firms these days, forced by increasing international competition and an unstable economy, are opting to specialize rather than generalize as a way of maintaining their competitiveness. Consequently, firms cannot rely solely on themselves, but must cooperate by combining their advantages.

To obtain the actual conditions for this cooperation, a multi-layered network based on two different types of data was investigated. The first type was transaction data from Japanese firms. The network created from the data included 961,363 firms and 7,808,760 links. The second type of data was from joint-patent applications in Japan. The joint-patent application network included 54,197 nodes and 154,205 links. These two networks were merged into one network. We analyzed the data from the viewpoint of input-output tables, the ERG model, and Bayesian networks.