The Future of The Multilateral Trading System: East Asian Perspectives

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by KOTERA Akira, ARAKI Ichiro, KAWASE Tsuyoshi
Publisher CMP Publishing
ISBN 978-1-905017-80-5
Publication Date December 2009

Table of Contents


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Part I: Regional Perspectives
1. East Asia and WTO
Supachai Panitchakdi
2. Korea's FTA Policy
Chulsu Kim
3. On Japan's Multilayered Trade Policy
Hidehiro Konno

Part II: Systematic Issues
4. The WTO in a Dynamic Equilibrium?: Between Regime and Global Governance
Yoshinobu Yamamoto
5. Current Application of the WTO Rules to Domestic Policy Measures: An Effective Promotion of Trade, Or and Unnecessary Distortion of Markets?
Kazumochi Kometani
6. Decision-Making Mechanism in the WTO
Ichiro Araki
7. Less-Developed Countries and the Multilateral Trading
Fukunari Kimura

Part III: Trade and Domestic Policies
8. Trade Negotiations and Domestic Politics: Political Institutions and Agricultural Liberalization in Japan
Yu Uchiyama
9. American Trade Politics in the Midst of the Doha Round
I.M. (Mac) Destler
10. Shadow of US Anti-dumping Policy in the Doha Round
Ken Matsumoto
11. How High Can the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism Aim? A Legal Analysis of Its Effectiveness
Akira Kotera
12. Implementation Issues under the WTO Dispute Settlement Procedure: Thoughts on Procedural Factors and Proposals for Improvement
Tsuyoshi Kawase
13. Does the Dispute Settlement Mechanism Help Countries Cooperate?
Taiji Furusawa

Part V: New Challenges
14. Trade Liberalization: The Fallacies of Regional Trade Agreements
Jota Ishikawa
15. Regional Trade Agreements as Complements of Multilateral Liberalization: Theoretical Foundations and Future Issues
Hiroshi Mukunoki
16. Bargaining within Nested Institutional Relationships: APEC, GATT/WTO, and Liberalization
Tsutomu Kikuchi
17. The Political Economy of an International Investment Agreement: Lessons from a Setback in the WTO Doha Round Negotiations
Tatsuo Akaneya
18. The Economic Analysis of Multilateral Trade Liberalization and Non-trade Concerns: Trade and Environment
Kenzo Abe

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