Productivity in Asia: Economic Growth and Competitiveness

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by Dale JORGENSON, KURODA Masahiro, MOTOHASHI Kazuyuki
ISBN 978-1-84720-399-1
Publication Date December 2007

Table of Contents

List of contributors
List of figures
List of tables
Introduction to RIETI

1. Introduction
Dale Jorgenson, Masahiro Kuroda and Kazuyuki Motohasi
2. Investigating productivity slowdown in the 1990s by using the KLEM database in Japan
Masahiro Kuroda, Kazuyuki Motohashi and Kazushige Shimpo
3. The sources of growth of US industries
Dale Jorgenson, Mun S. Ho and Kevin J. Stiroh
4. Total factor productivity growth in Chinese industries, 1981-2000
Ruoen Ren and Lin lin Sun
5. Growth accounting and productivity analysis by 33 industrial sectors in Korea (1984-2002)
Hak K. Pyo, Keun-Hee Rhee and Bongchan Ha
6. Industry-wide total factor productivity and output growth in Taiwan, 1981-1999
Chi-Yuan Liang
7. Purchasing power parities for international comparisons of output and productivity in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States
Marcel P. Timmer and Gerard Ypma
8. Assessing Japan's industrial competitiveness by international productivity level: comparison with China, Korea, Taiwan and the United States
Kazuyuki Motohashi


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