Economic Analysis of Labor Market Design: Enhancing the Job-Matching Function

Author(s)/Editor(s) HIGUCHI Yoshio, KODAMA Toshihiro, ABE Masahiro
ISBN 4-492-39447-8
Publication Date November 2005

Table of Contents

The book examines what can and should be done to create a society where anyone, regardless of age, can demonstrate his/her willingness and ability to work.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Toward the Formulation of a High Quality Labor Market

Section I: Job Creation and Job Losses
Chapter 1: Changes in the employment structure as shown in the data
Chapter 2: Corporate management strategy in the 1990s and its impact on employment

Section II: International Comparisons of the Job-Matching Efficiency of Job Search Methods
Chapter 3: Job search methods' influence on job-matching efficiency
Chapter 4: Comparative analysis of job search methods in Japan, the U.S. and Europe
Chapter 5: New moves in job placement services in the UK, Germany and France

Section III: Human Resource Development System
Chapter 6: Corporate job training and changes in its role
Chapter 7: Effects of the training and education benefit program in Japan and official job skill qualification certificates
Chapter 8: Implications of the analysis of job-training effects in the U.S.

Section IV: Case Studies
Chapter 9: Re-employability of workers as seen in the closure of the Mitsui-Miike coal mines
Chapter 10: Case study of efforts to resolve job-worker mismatch seen in the Japanese electric machinery industry
Chapter 11: Likelihood of small and medium-size enterprises hiring retirees from major companies
Last Chapter: Challenges in labor market reform

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.