Implementation System Under the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by KAWASE Tsuyoshi, ARAKI Ichiro
Publisher Sanseido Co.
ISBN 4-385-32254-6
Publication Date November 2005

Table of Contents

The book explores problems arising from the system for securing implementation under the current dispute settlement mechanism of the World Trade Organization (WTO), focusing on "pending cases" that have little likelihood of implementation.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Implementation in WTO Dispute Settlement: An Introduction to the Problems and Possible Solutions
Chapter 2: Legal Nature of the Implementation of the Rulings and Recommendations of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body
Chapter 3: Legal and Economic Analysis of Retaliatory Measures under the WTO Dispute Settlement Procedure
Chapter 4: International Political-Economic Analysis of the Implementation of DSB Rulings and Recommendations
Chapter 5: Compliance with International Norms and Domestic Politics
Chapter 6: Implementation of DSB Recommendations in Cases Concerning the Application of Trade Remedy Laws
Chapter 7: Implementation of DSB Recommendations in Cases Concerning Industrial Policy
Chapter 8: Legitimacy and Compliance of the WTO Law: Why Did the FSC Dispute Come to a Deadlock?
Chapter 9: Compliance and Non-compliance in WTO Agricultural Cases:
Some Implications from Data Analysis
Chapter 10: Analytical Framework for and Case Study of Implementation Process in Cases Concerning "Trade and Environment"
Chapter 11: Implementation of DSB Recommendations on "Law as Such" Violations: In the Case of the United States
Chapter 12: Implementation in Cases Involving the Transatlantic Issues

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.