China's Innovation System Reform and Growing Industry and Science Linkages

Author Name MOTOHASHI Kazuyuki  (Faculty Fellow) /XIAO Yun
Creation Date/NO. March 2005 05-E-011
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In this paper, linkages of S&T activities between industry and science are investigated in the context of innovation system reforms. A firm level dataset from S&T survey at National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of PRC for about 22,000 manufacturing firms is used for econometrics analysis of firm's S&T outsourcing activities. In transition period of China's innovation system from 1996 to 2002, firm's S&T outsourcing activities have been increased significantly. In addition, positive association between basic research oriented firms and collaboration with science sector can be found. China's innovation system was suffered from Russian model, where S&T activities at public research institutes and production activities at state owned enterprises are completely separated. However, in transition period of innovation system reform toward network type one, we can find that some firms have gained their technological capability to collaborate with universities and PRIs.

Published: Kazuyuki Motohash and Xiao Yun, 2007. "China's innovation system reform and growing industry and science linkages," Research Policy, Vol. 36(8), pp. 1251-1260.