Liberalizing Electricity Markets: An Economic Analysis

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by HATTA Tatsuo, TANAKA Makoto
ISBN 4-492-76147-0
Publication Date August 2004

Authors' Words

Table of Contents

The book systematically analyzes key issues of institutional design that have emerged in the process of liberalizing the electricity market in Japan. Analysis is given primarily from the view point of economics, but also from the broader standpoints of engineering, law and business. Throughout the book analysis takes the characteristics of the utility industry into account.

Part I: Electricity Markets and Electricity Transmission Networks
Chapter 1: Basic structure of competitive electricity markets
Chapter 2: Theory and reality of market monopoly power in electricity markets
Chapter 3: Transmission network bottleneck management and transmission rights
Chapter 4: Transmission network bottleneck management, recovery of fixed costs, and construction of transmission networks
Chapter 5: Stability and reliability of the electricity supply system

Part II: Cutting-edge Studies on Institutional Design
Chapter 6: Design of an efficient auction system for electricity markets
Chapter 7: Real-time pricing system designed to reduce fluctuations in electricity demand
Chapter 8: Regulatory policy taking the quality of goods into account

Part III: Challenges in Protecting the Public Interest in the Era of Electricity Liberalization
Chapter 9: Electricity liberalization and universal service
Chapter 10: Responses to environmental problems and regulations
Chapter 11: Government policy on nuclear power

Part IV: International Trends in Electricity Liberalization
Chapter 12: Electricity liberalization in Europe
Chapter 13: Electricity liberalization in the United States
Chapter 14: Over-the-counter electricity trading

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.