HATTA Tatsuo

HATTA Tatsuo

HATTA Tatsuo

Faculty Fellow (until September 30, 2013)

President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Activities at RIETI

Research Projects


1973 Ph.D., Economics, The Johns Hopkins University
1968 M.A., Public Administration, International Christian University
1966 B.A., Economics, International Christian University


2007 President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
2004 - 2007 Professor, Division of International Studies, International Christian University
1999 - 2004 Professor, Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo
1986 - 1999 Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University
1978 - 1986 Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor, Economics Dept., The Johns Hopkins University
1974 - 1978 Associate Professor, Saitama University
1972 - 1974 Assistant Professor, Economics Dept., Ohio State University

Current Appointments:
Expert Member, Energy & Resource Council, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
Member, Council of Regulation Reform, Cabinet office

Selected Publications and Papers

A Theory of Commodity Tax Reform Under Revenue Constraint. The Japanese Economic Review 55 (March 2004) 1-16

"Optimality of a Competitive Equilibrium in a Small Open city with Congestion," Journal of Urban Economics 43, (1998) pp.181-198, with N. Akai and T. Fukushima.

"Welfare Effects of Changing Commodity Tax Rates Toward Uniformity," Journal of Public Economics, 29 (February 1986) pp.99-112.

"The Generalized Theory of Transfers and Welfare: Bilateral Transfers in a Multilateral World," American Economic Review, 73 (September1983), pp.606-618, with J. N. Bhagwati and Richard A. Brecher.
"Competition and Nationally Optimum Resource Allocation under the Presence of Urban Traffic Congestion," Journal of Urban Economics, 14 (September 1983), pp.145-167.

"Structure of the Correspondence Principle at an Extremum Point," Review of Economic Studies, 47 (October 1980), pp.987-997.

"A Recommendation for a Better Tariff Structure," Econmetrica, 45 (November 1977), pp.1859-70.

"A Theory of Piecemeal Policy Recommendations," Review of Economic Studies, 64 (February 1977), pp.1-21.

"The Paradox in Capital Theory and Complementarity of Inputs," Review of Economic Studies, 63 (February 1976), pp.127-42.