Safeguards under the WTO Agreement: Issues and Proposals for a More Effective Mechanism

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by ARAKI Ichiro, KAWASE Tsuyoshi
ISBN 4-492-44311-8
Publication Date July 2004

Authors' Words

Table of Contents

This book analyzes the current safeguards system within the WTO framework in detail from legal perspectives, and makes policy suggestions for improvements. The book covers all major points of contention regarding the Safeguards Agreement, which have emerged in the practice and case law of the recent years.

Chapter 1: History of the safeguards system and current issues
Chapter 2: A Comparative analysis of trade remedies in the WTO
Chapter 3: Criteria for determining "domestic industry" under the Safeguards
Chapter 4: Standard of review in the safeguards' dispute settlement process
Chapter 5: Analysis of the causation requirements in the Safeguards Agreement
Chapter 6: Relationship between safeguards and regional economic integration
Chapter 7: Suspension of the "substantially equivalent concession"
Chapter 8: Complementarity of safeguards and trade adjustment assistant policies
Chapter 9: Transitional safeguard mechanism against Chinese products

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.