Toward the Theory of Knowledge-based Country: A New Paradigm of the Policy Process

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written and edited by NONAKA Ikujiro, IZUMIDA Hirohiko, NAGATA Akiya
ISBN 4-492-21136-5
Publication Date March 2003

Table of Contents

This book examines the policy-making process from the perspective of knowledge management, arguing that policy-making is the process of creating knowledge itself.

Chapter 1: The Concept of the Knowledge-based Country

Part I: New Trends in the Policy-Making Process
Chapter 2: Government Functions and the Expansion of Knowledge Centers via Informatization
Corollary: The Trend toward Anonymous Bulletin Boards
Chapter 3: Policy-Making in the Post-Developmentalist Era and Management of Societal Knowledge

Part II: Input from Organizational Innovation
Chapter 4: Knowledge-Creation beyond the Organization and the Policy-Making Process
Chapter 5: Discovering Knowledge Dynamics
Chapter 6: Transformation of the Strategic Environment and the Response by Military Organizations

Part III: Empirical Studies of the Consensus-Building Process
Chapter 7: Process of the "NPO Law" Passage
Chapter 8: Mechanisms for Reducing Complexity in Building Societal Consensus

* This publication is in Japanese. An English translation is not available.