RIETI Policy Symposium

Global Management and Innovation of Japanese Enterprises - The Strengths of Global Management and Further Challenges

ASAKAWA Kazuhiro

Faculty Fellow, RIETI / Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University

Professor Asakawa has been with Keio University since 1995, following his tenure at the Industrial Bank of Japan in 1985. He has also served as Visiting Scholar at the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Visiting Associate Professor, McGill MBA Japan program, McGill University. Professor Asakawa sits on the boards of numerous societies and journals, including The Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Asia Academy of Management, Japan Academy of International Business, and Organizational Science. Professor Asakawa holds a Ph.D. in Management from INSEAD and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. His recent work has appeared in Research Policy, R&D Management, Organization Studies, and California Management Review.


Corporate Vice President of STMicroelectronics; President, STMicroelectronics K.K.

Mr. Cassis graduated from the Politecnico di Milano Technical University with a degree in Electronic Engineering. In 1987, he joined SGS-Thomson (now STMicroelectronics) in Castelletto, Italy, as a mixed signal analog designer for car radio applications. In 1993, Mr. Cassis moved to Japan to support the company's newly created design center with his expertise in audio products. After a string of successful designs for Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and other major Japanese players, he joined the marketing organization and helped expand ST's car audio business activities. In 2000, Mr. Cassis took charge of the Audio Business Unit and a year later was promoted to Director of the Audio and Automotive Group, responsible for design, marketing, sales, application support and customer service. Under Cassis' direction, the company secured a series of design wins with major automotive manufacturers and ST's sales of audio and automotive products in Japan reached $200 million in 2003. A year later, ST's share in the automotive semiconductor market in Japan rose to double digits. In 2004, Mr. Cassis was named Vice President of Marketing for automotive, computer peripheral, and telecom products. In 2005, he advanced to VP Automotive Segment Group and joined the board of the Japanese subsidiary, STMicroelectronics K.K. In October 2005, Mr. Cassis succeeded Tetsuo Onikura as Corporate Vice President for STMicroelectronics' Japan region and President of STMicroelectronics K.K.

Yves DOZ

Timken Chaired Professor, Global Technology and Innovation, INSEAD

At INSEAD, Professor Yves Doz was previously Dean of Executive Education (1998-2002) and Associate Dean for Research and Development (1990-'95). He also was Director of the Management of Technology and Innovation program at INSEAD, a multi-disciplinary effort involving about 20 faculty members and researchers that ran from 1987 to 1994. He has also taught at Harvard Business School, Stanford's Graduate School of Business, and Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. His business experience includes work on multinational aircraft programs; he has consulted for many major multinational corporations and taught in their internal development programs. His research work won numerous awards, most recently (2003) a Distinguished Scholar Award from the Academy of Management and an appointment as Inaugural Fellow of the Strategic Management Society (2005). Professor Doz was also nominated by The Economist as one of a handful of European Management Gurus.

Major works: From Global to Metanational: How Companies Win in the Knowledge Economy, co-authored with José Santos and Peter Williamson, Harvard Business School Press, 2001; Balancing Local Demands and Global Vision, co-authored with CK. Prahalad, 1987.


General Manager, Corporate Strategy & Research Department., Mitsubishi Corporation

Mr. Fujiyama is also Columnist of Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. Prior to Mr. Fujiyama's current post, he was President of Inter-Active Inc. Tokyo (subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp.) (2004-'05); Deputy Chief Representative for China, Mitsubishi Corp. Chief Representative for China (2002-'04); General Manager, Corporate Strategy & Research Dept. (2000-'02) and Manager, Planning & Coordination Office, Planning & Coordination Dept. (1997-2000) at Mitsubishi Corp. Tokyo; General Manager, Marketing & Coordination Dept., Mitsubishi Company (Thailand), Ltd. (1993-'97); Manager, Industrial Research Team, Planning & Research Dept. (1989-'93) and Corporate Planning Office (1980-'82), and Research Dept.(1975-'80) Mitsubishi Corp. Tokyo. Mr. Fujiyama graduated from The University of Tokyo,Faculty of Economics in 1975.


Senior Fellow, RIETI

Since joining the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 1982, Dr. Hisatake has held various positions including Director of the Research and Analysis Division at Trade Policy Bureau, and Director for International Petroleum Affairs at the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. He was also Associate Professor in Kyoto University's Institute of Economic Research. Dr. Hisatake holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Kyoto University.


Director, International Economic Affairs Division, Trade Policy Bureau, METI

Mr. Kobayashi has served at various positions at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI, formerly MITI) since 1984 including Director of Information Services Industry Division of the Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Director-General of Industrial Policy Department of the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Director of Public Relations Office and Deputy Director of Electronics Policy Division at the Machinery and Information Industries Bureau. He also served as Commercial Counselor at the Embassy of Japan in the UK. Mr. Kobayashi graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law.


Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University

Professor Nakamura has been Professor of Keio Business School at Keio University since 2005. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University in 1996 and B.A. in Economics from Hitotsubashi University in 1988. Professor Nakamura's fields of specialization are Economics (Macroeconomics, International Economics), Industrial Organization, and Management Strategy.

OHKI Hiromi

Director, International Economic Research Division, Economic Research Department, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Mr. Ohki has been in charge of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) trade and investment white paper since 1999. Since joining JETRO in 1976, he has served at offices including the JETRO Milan Center (1985-'88) and the JETRO L.A Center (1995-'98). Mr. Ohki was an Italian Language Trainee at L. Bocconi University in Milan in 1980. He received his B. A. in Economics from Yokohama City University in 1976.

Major works: "International Division of Labor in East Asia's IT Industry", in E. Giovannetti, M. Kagami and M. Tsuji eds., The Internet Revolution A Global Perspective, Cambridge University Press 2003; "Change in Japan's Industrial Structure and Structural Reform Efforts" in Ippei Yamazawa eds., ASEAN-Japan Competetive Strategy, IDE-JETRO 2003.


Chairman, RIETI

Prior to his current position, Mr. Oikawa served as Senior Executive Director, Development Bank of Japan (2003-'05); Advisor, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.(2002-'03); Research Counselor, TEPIA (2002-'03); Commissioner, Japan Patent Office; Director-General, Bureau of Equipment, Japan Defense Agency; Director-General for Policy Coordination, Minister's Secretariat ; Councilor, Cabinet Secretariat; Deputy Director-General for Security Export Control, International Trade Administration Bureau ; Director, Coordination Division, Bureau of Equipment, Japan Defense Agency; Director, Small

Enterprise Policy Division, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency; Counselor, Japanese Mission to European Community, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Director, Paper, Pulp & Printing Division, Consumer Goods Industries Bureau . Mr. Oikawa graduated from the University of Tokyo with a B.A. in Economics.


Consulting Fellow, RIETI / Senior Researcher, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan / Visiting Professor, Hitotsubashi University

Mr. Sanbonmatsu has served at positions including Senior Fellow at RIETI, Director-General at Training Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, Professor of Faculty of Policy Studies at the University of Shimane, and Deputy Director of the General Affairs Department of the Institute of DevelopingEconomies at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). He has also worked as Director of the Economic Cooperation Division, Coordination Bureau, Economic Planning Agency; Information Management Division, Ministers' Secretariat at METI; Planning Division, Planning Department at Headquarters of JETRO. He joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 1975. Mr. Sanbonmatsu graduated from The University of Tokyo in 1975.

Major Works: Co-editor, "Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Asian Responses", IDE Spot Study, Institute of Developing Economies, August 1996; Co-editor, East Asian Development Experience, Institute of Developing Economies, March 1997.


Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

Prior to Professor Sugiyama's current position, he was Research Associate in the Graduate School of Economics at The University of Tokyo (2000-'01), and JSPS Research Fellow (1997-2000). Professor Sugiyama received his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Economics at The University of Tokyo in 2003.

His works include: "Product Development in Indonesia: a Dynamic View on Global Strategy", co-authored with Takahiro Fujimoto, John Humphrey et al. eds. Global Strategies and Local Realities, Macmillan, London, July, 2000, pp.176-206; "Organizational Mode Switching in Strategy Process: Transforming Knowledge into Strategic Action" Academy of Management 2003 Meeting, Seattle, Washington, USA.

YAHAGI Tsuneo, Ph.D.

Mitsubishi Professor, Graduate School of Business; Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University

Since 2001, Professor Yahagi has been a board member of listed and unlisted companies. He served as Trustee at the International University of Japan (2005-), Trustee at the Council for Public Policy (2002-) and Chairman at the Suruga Institute (1991-). Professor Yahagi was Associate Professor (1982), Professor (1990), Dean of Graduate School of Business (1995-'97), EVP of the University (1997-2001), and Chairman of the Board (Keio Academy of New York (1998-2002) at Keio University. Professor Yahagi also has experience as Founding Advisor at Monitor Inc. (1989-'95), Japan Representative at Robert Trent Jones II, International (1986-), Co-founder of TechnoFront Inc. (1985), CFO at Fuji Die Co. (1972-'85), and a staff of the MitsubishiCorp. (1965-'72). Professor Yahagi received his MBA (1974 with distinction), M.S. (1977) and Ph.D. (1981) from Stanford University with AACSB Award for the outstanding Ph.D. dissertation in management.


Member of the Board and General Manager of Corporate Communication Department, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Mr. Yoshida has been a Board Member and General manager of the Corporate Communication Department at Takeda Chemical Industries since 2002. He became Corporate Officer and General manager of the Corporate Communication Department in 2001, Corporate Officer and General manager of the Public Relations Department in 2000, General manager of Public Relations in the General Affairs and Human Resource Department in 1997, General manager of General Affairs in the General Affairs and Human Resource Department in 1996, Group Manager of General Affairs in the General Affairs Department in 1992. In 1971, Mr. Yoshida joined Takeda Chemical Industries, and graduated from the School of Law, Political Science at The University of Tokyo.


President and CRO, RIETI

Prior to his current post, Dr. Yoshitomi was Dean of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Institute, Tokyo (1999-2003). He was also Visiting Executive Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (1993-'98). Dr. Yoshitomi served as Director-General, Coordination Bureau at the Economic Planning Agency (EPA) (1991-'92); Director-General, Economic Research Institute, EPA (1987-'91); and Director, Economics and Statistics Department, OECD, Paris (1984-'87). He also served as an economist at the IMF (Washington, D.C.) (1970-'74). He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from The University of Tokyo.

Major works: Reality of the Asian Economies--Miracle, Crisis, and Evolution of Institutions--, 2003 (in Japanese); Post-Crisis Development Paradigms in Asia (co-authored with the staff of the ADB Institute), 2003; Reality of the Japanese Economy--Beyond Conventional Views--, 1998 (in Japanese).