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Faculty Fellow YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi was elected as a Person of Cultural Merit

YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi's photoFaculty Fellow YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi was elected as a 2023 Person of Cultural Merit.
The Cultural Merit Award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement and development of Japanese culture.

Dr. Yoshikawa is a leading expert in Keynesian macroeconomic theory and has been conducting research at RIEIT for nearly 20 years, since 2006, on the issues facing the Japanese economy and the economic policies that should be adopted. Beginning in FY2021, as the leader of the research project "Heterogeneity across Agents and Sustainability of the Japanese Economy," he is conducting research on issues related to the sustainability of the Japanese economy, such as the loss of economies of scale due to population decline and the increasing burden of social security due to population aging, to clarify the structure and impact of these issues both theoretically and empirically in a framework that takes into account heterogeneity across economic agents.