Recent Activities

Meeting with the Brookings Institution

Founded in 1916 as the first private organization devoted to analyzing public policy issues at the national level, the Brookings Institution, located in Washington D.C., now brings together more than 300 leading experts in government and academia from all over the world and actively provides policy implications. Dr. Mireya Solís, a senior fellow and the Philip Knight Chair in Japan Studies at the Brookings Institution, recently visited Japan and led the "Policy Dialogue Mission." Taking this opportunity, RIETI held a meeting on February 26, 2014 to discuss trade issues concentrating on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The delegation also included Dr. Uri Dadush, Senior Associate for the International Economics Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Ms. Kimberly Elliott, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development; and Dr. Phil Levy, Senior Fellow for the Global Economy, Chicago Council on Global Affairs. RIETI's participants included Chairman Atsushi Nakajima, Senior Fellow Kazuhito Yamashita, Consulting Fellow Michitaka Nakatomi, and Consulting Fellow Kenichi Kawasaki. RIETI's fellows introduced their research, and the participants had a vigorous exchange of views.