WASHIO Tomoharu

WASHIO Tomoharu

WASHIO Tomoharu

Consulting Fellow (until June 30, 2014)

Professor, School of International Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University


US Trade Policy, American Politics, US-China Relations, FDI, World Trade, American Corporate Strategy


2008 Special Advisor, JETRO
2006 Executive VP of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
2005 Director General, Research Department, JETRO
2004 Executive Director, JETRO Chicago

Joined JETRO in 1970, and since then, experienced various positions such as JETRO NY Director in charge of research, JETRO NY Executive Director in charge of research and planning, At Head-Quarters, Special Coordinator to North American Affairs and so on.

Several occasions, lectures at Chuo University, Toyo University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Reitaku University.

Selected Publications and Papers

US economy under Pres Clinton (1993, Nihon Kiezai Shinbun)

US-Japan Relations in the era of Power Portfolio (1991, JETRO)

US-Japan Economic Friction (1986 Toyo Keizai Shinpo; Translation)

New American Revolution (Reagan Revolution) (1985, Toyo Keizai Shinpo)
And so on

Working Papers
"US Policy towards Soviet Union," Keidanren Japan- USSR Committee; Japanese, 1997

"Tornado caused by Speaker Gingwich," International Institute for Global Peace, 1994
And so on

Papers Published in Refereed Journals
"Chinese Premier's melancholy," JANET, JIJI Press, 2008

"Real or False, A Theory that emphasize the hub function of ASEAN," sekaishuho, JIJI Press, 2006
And so forth