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Faculty Fellow (until November 30, 2017)

Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Activities at RIETI


Energy, Environment, Industrial Organization

Research Projects


2004 Ph.D., Economics, University of Tokyo
2000 M.A., Economics, University of Tokyo
1991 B.A., Economics, University of Tokyo


2013 Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
2007 Associate Professor, GRIPS
2003 Assistant Professor, GRIPS

Selected Publications and Papers

Recent Papers

Ida, T., K. Murakami, and M. Tanaka (2016) "Electricity Demand Response in Japan: Experimental Evidence from a Residential Photovoltaic Power-Generation System," Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 5(1).

Siddiqui, A., M. Tanaka, and Y. Chen (2016) "Are Targets for Renewable Portfolio Standards Too Low? The Impact of Market Structure on Energy Policy," European Journal of Operational Research, 250(1): 328-341.

Yao, Y., and M. Tanaka (2016) "Price Offers of Pharmaceutical Procurement in China: Evidence from Guangdong Province," European Journal of Health Economics, forthcoming.

Hailu, K. B., and M. Tanaka (2015) "A 'True' Random Effects Stochastic Frontier Analysis for Technical Efficiency and Heterogeneity: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in Ethiopia," Economic Modelling, 50: 179-192.

Murakami, K., T. Ida, M. Tanaka, and L. S. Friedman (2015) "Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Renewable and Nuclear Energy: A Comparative Analysis between the US and Japan," Energy Economics, 50: 178-189.

Tanaka, M., T. Ida, K. Murakami, and L. S. Friedman (2014) "Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Comparative Discrete Choice Analysis between the US and Japan," Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 70: 194-209.

Ida, T., K. Murakami, and M. Tanaka (2014) "A Stated Preference Analysis of Smart Meters, Photovoltaic Generation, and Electric Vehicles in Japan: Implications for Penetration and GHG Reduction," Energy Research & Social Science, 2: 75-89.

Tanaka, M., and T. Ida (2013) "Voluntary Electricity Conservation of Households after the Great East Japan Earthquake: A Stated Preference Analysis," Energy Economics, 39: 296-304.

Tanaka, M., and Y. Chen (2013) "Market Power in Renewable Portfolio Standards," Energy Economics, 39: 187-196.

Hosoe, N., and M. Tanaka (2012) "Divestiture of TEPCO for Reparation for the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: A Path to Vertical Unbundling," Energy Policy, 51: 207-212.

Tanaka, M., and Y. Chen (2012) "Emissions Trading in Forward and Spot Markets for Electricity," Energy Journal, 33(2): 195-221.

Tanaka, M., and Y. Chen (2012) "Market Power in Emissions Trading: Strategically Manipulating Permit Price through Fringe Firms," Applied Energy, 96: 203-211.

Tanaka, M. (2012) "Multi-Sector Model of Tradable Emission Permits," Environmental and Resource Economics, 51(1): 61-77.


Editor, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (2012-present)
Editorial Board, Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (2013-present)
Guest Editor, Journal of Energy Engineering