SUMITA Takayuki

The below information is as of September 30, 2019. It may differ from the current information.

SUMITA Takayuki

SUMITA Takayuki

Consulting Fellow (until September 30, 2019)

Secretary-General, Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office


Mechanism of Innovation, Intellectual Asset Management, Energy Security


1993 M.S., Foreign Service, Georgetown University
1985 B.A., Law, The University of Tokyo


2017 Secretary-General, Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office
2015 Director-General for Commerce, Distribution and Industrial Safety Policy, METI
2013 Director-General, Natural Resources and Fuel Department, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), METI
2009 Executive Director, Japan Machinery Center Brussels Office
2007 Director, Information Telecommunication and Electronics Industry Division, METI
2006 Director, Innovation Promotion Division, METI
2004 Director, Intellectual Property Policy Office, METI
2001 Director for FTA/EPA, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
1999 Energy Policy Agency, MITI
1995 Industry Policy Bureau, MITI
1993 Environment Agency
1989 Software Division, MITI
1987 Security Export Control Office, MITI
1985 Japan Patent Office
1985 Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)


2009 - Member, Inspiration Board, LEF Future Center, attached to the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management of Dutch Government
2009 -2013 Chairperson, World Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative
2005 - Board Member of the New Club of Paris

Selected Publications and Papers

"Impact of Integrated Reporting on Japanese Economy Accounting" (in Japanese), Kigyo Kaikei, May 2014, Chuokeizaisha

"Recent Activities on non-financial Disclosure in the US and the EU," Securities Analysts Journal (in Japanese), August 2013, The Securities Analysts Association of Japan

"Creating a Mechanism to Express the Substance of Corporate Management," Several Aspects in Corporate Management in the Near Future Toward 2025, written by Yasuhito Hanado and Haruhiko Takahashi, Chuokeizaisha, 2012 (in Japanese).

"KPIs for Describing Competitiveness in Electronics Industry," Evolving the Communication, 2009, ARI Research Institute/KPMG AZSA & Co.

"The era putting much on Human Capital," Analysis on Human Capital, 2008, ARI Institute and KPMG/AZSA

"Japanese IP Strategy," Policy on Intellectual Property and Contents Industry, 2008, Suiyousha Co.

"Intellectual assets based management for Innovation? -lessons from experiences in Japan", Journal of Intellectual Capital, volume9 number2 2008, Emerald, 2008

"Presentation of Corporate Value through Intellectual Assets Management Report," (in Japanese) Shukan Kinyuu Zaisei Jijo [Weekly Financial and Fiscal Affairs] May 2006.

Commentary on Revised Unfair Competition Prevention Law, (in Japanese), Intellectual Property Policy Office, METI, Yuhikaku, 2005 (co-author).

"Economic Consolidation and Economic Partnership in East Asia," in Structural Adjustment of the Japanese Economy and East Asian Economies (in Japanese), The Japan Institute of International Affairs (contract research for Ministry of Foreign Affairs), 2003.

Hojin Kazei Kaikaku [Corporate Tax Reform], METI Research Group, Toyo Keizai, 1998 (co-author).

Kaisei Tokkyo-ho Kaisetsu [Outline of Revised Patent Law], Yuhikaku, 1987 (co-authored with Hiroaki Niihara).


2016 - Board Member, Future Center Alliance Japan