Consulting Fellow (until July 12, 2002)

General Affairs Division, General Coordination and Policy Planning Department, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry


Technology Policy, Research Consortia, National Innovation System


1985 Bachelor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
1987 Master of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Waseda University
1996 Master of Science, Department of Engineering-Economic Systems, Stanford University
2001 Ph.D., Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology


1987 Join the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Statistics Analysis Division, Minister's Secretariat, MITI
1988 Chief Official, Coal Mining Area Development Division, Agency of Natural Resources and Energy, MITI
1991 Deputy Director, Research Division, Industrial Policy Bureau, MITI
1992 Deputy Director, Space Industry Division, Machinery and Information Industries Bureau, MITI
1993 Senior Research Fellow, Research Institute of International Trade and Industry, MITI
1996 Director, Industrial and Technology Division, Fukui Prefectural Government
1997 Deputy Director, Environmental Protection Guidance Division, Environmental Protection and Industrial Location Bureau, MITI
2001- Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry
2002 General Affairs Division,General Coordination and Policy Planning Department, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Selected Publications and Papers

"Is Japan's Innovative Capacity in Decline?" (Lee Branstetter, Yoshiaki Nakamura)NBER Working Paper No. w9438, 2003.1
"Management and the effect of MITI's R&D project: case study from a supercomputer project," (with C. Watanabe), Technovation, in print, 2001.
"Effectiveness of Japan's Government Sponsored Research Project: The Case Study of a Real World Computing Program," International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, in print, 2001.
"The Cooperation between Universities and Private Companies - The Experience of Stanford University and its Generalization -," The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management 14, No. 1, pp.47 - 63, 1999.
"Research Consortia as a Vehicle for Basic Research: The Case of Fifth Generation Computer Project in Japan" (with H. Odagiri, and M. Shibuya), Research Policy 26, pp.191 - 207, 1997.
"Japan's Technology Policy: A Case Study of the R&D of the Fifth Generation Computing System" (with M. Shibuya), International Journal of Technology Management 12, pp.509 - 533, 1996.