Consulting Fellow

Director-General, Public Land Acquisition Department, Kanto-Regional Development Bureau, MLIT


Macroeconomics, Public Investment, Public Policy


2002 Master of Policy Studies, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
1994 Bachelor of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University


2018 - 2022 Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University
2017 - 2018 Director, Office for Statistical Research and Analysis on Economy in Construction Market, Policy Bureau , MLIT
2014 Policy Researcher, Policy Research Institute, MLIT
2012 Senior Officer for Government Building Administration Policy Planning, Government Building Department, MLIT
2009 Senior Officer for Statistical Research and Analysis on the Economy in the Construction Market, MLIT
1997 - 1998 Senior Economist, Research Bureau, Economic Planning Agency
1994 Joined the Ministry of Construction (Road Bureau)

Selected Publications and Papers

  • "Macroeconomic modeling to evaluate the economic effects of public investments" PRI Research (149), MLIT, 2019
  • "Understanding fiscal policy puzzles by words" PRI Review (66), MLIT, 2017
  • "Formulation of DSGE models" PRI Review (65), MLIT, 2017
  • "The brief survey about the effect of government expenditure which influences the macroeconomy" PRI Review (56), MLIT, 2015
  • "Outline of Economic White Paper 1998" Economic Planning Agency (edit.) TOYO KEIZAI INC. 1998 (co-authored)
  • "Economic Trend: Inventory cycle of the apartment" Sumai to Machi No.96 The Real Estate Transaction Promotion Center, 1998
  • "Economic Trend: Relationship between economic activities and money supply" Sumai to Machi No.92 The Real Estate Transaction Promotion Center, 1997
  • "Economic Trend: Trend of the housing construction (~1996)" Sumai to Machi No.84 The Real Estate Transaction Promotion Center, 1997