Consulting Fellow (until March 31, 2004)

Director, Media and Content Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI

Activities at RIETI


International finance, asian financial system


1980 Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo


1980 Research and Planning Division, Minister's Secretariat, MOF
1982 Institute of Fiscal and Monetary Policy
1985 Director, Seki Local Tax Office, Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau
1986 Deputy Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister
1987 Deputy Director, Research Division, Tax Bureau (Foreign Tax Plicy and Public Relation), MOF
1988 Deputy Director, Income Tax and Property Tax Policy Division, Tax Bureau, MOF
1990 Deputy Budget Examiner in charge of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Budget Bureau, MOF
1991 Deputy Budget Examiner in charge of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Budget Bureau, MOF
1995 Visiting Fellow, Center of International Studies, Princeton University
1996 Visiting Lecturer, East Asian Studies, Princeton University
1998 Director, International Financial Markets Office, International Bureau, MOF
2000 Director, Information Systems Development Division, Machinery and Information Industries Bureau, MITI
2001 Current Position

Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Economic Science, Saitama University
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Economics, Shandong University
Board of Directors, The Japan Society for Socio-Information Studies
Board of Directors, Japan Asoociaion for Planning Administration
Visiting Fellow, Ministry of Finance, Policy Research Institute
Visiting Fellow, GLOCOM

Selected Publications and Papers

Asian Politics and Economics (Co-author), NTT Syuppan, 2001.2
Tyunen Eigogumi, Syueisya Shinsyo, 2000.12
"IT Strategy of Japan and Its Relations with e-ASIA," Planning Administration, Vol.24, No.3, Fall 2001
"Technical Assistance and Significance of the Okuda Mission Report," The Finance, Vol36, No.3, June. 2000
"A Mission of the New Miyazawa Initiative and the Asian Monetary Fund," The Finance, Vol.35, No.2, May.1999
"Can Japan Reform its Obsolete Social and Economic Structure?: Working Mothers / Strong Japan," Planning Administration, Vol.21, No.2, Summer 1998
The Japanese Pension Reform ? Theory and Practice (Co-author), Tokyo Center for Pension Studies. 1995
"Tax Reform of a Corporate Income Tax," Tax Reform, 1990
"Preparation for the Second Kanto Big Earthquake," The Research Quarterly of the Ministry of Finance, Summer 1984