KIHARA Takashi

KIHARA Takashi

KIHARA Takashi

Consulting Fellow (until September 30, 2017)

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics on Sustainability, Dokkyo University


International Cooperation and Development Assistance


2011 Ph.D. in Economics, Hokkaido University
1985 M.A. in Economics, George Washington University
1980 Bachelor of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University


2013 Professor, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics on Sustainability, Dokkyo University
2012 Chief Appeals Judge (Director of Kanto-Shinetsu Regional Tax Tribunal)
2009 Director, AMC, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)
2006 Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University
2005 Director-General, Research Department, Policy Research Institute, MOF
2004 Director, Development Institute Division, International Bureau, MOF
2001 Professor, Faculty of Economics, Nagasaki University
1999 Director for Development Issues, International Bureau, MOF
1998 Director, Second Cultural Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1996 Deputy Director-General, Tokyo Customs
1993 First Secretary, Mission of Japan in Geneva
1992 Senior Researcher, International Institute for Global Peace
1991 Investment Management Office, Securities Bureau, MOF
1989 Prices Coordination Division, Prices Bureau, Economic Planning Agency (EPA)
1987 The Second International Division, Customs and Tariff Bureau, MOF
1986 Regional Director, Hitoyoshi Taxation Office
1982 Resources Mobilization Officer, Finance Bureau, Inter-American Development Bank
1980 Joined the Ministry of Finance (MOF). Assigned to International Finance Bureau

Selected Publications and Papers

Extraordinary Disaster Risks and Economy, Nihon Keizai Shinbun, January 2014 (Joint work with Dr. Yasuyuki Sawada)

Economics of Aid Donors, Nippon Hyoronsha, November 2010

Asian Securities Markets and Global Financial Crisis, KINZAI, March 2010(Joint work with Mr. Yusuke Kawamura)

Globalization and Japanese Economy, Keiso Shobo, 2009 (Joint work with Dr. Shujiro Urata)

Aging in Asia, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2009 (Joint work with Dr. Jason L. Powell, and Dr. Ian G. Cook)

Financial Market Development and Social Security of Aging East Asia; The Possibility of Intellectual Assistance, JICA report of Visiting Fellow, March 2008

Economic Policies to Support Employability and Capacity Building in Transitional Ages, Nippon-Hyoronsya, December 2006 (Joint Work with Dr. Yoshio Higuchi)

Introductory Monetary Economics, Toyo-Keizai-Shinposya, July 2002 (Joint work with Toshiya Hanawa, Eiji Ogawa, and Takashi Misumi)

Papers Published
"Civil War and Economy - Revisiting 'Development Economics of Civil Wars'" The Journal of International Security vol.38 No.2 , Japan Association for International Security (JAIS), September 2010

"Financial Structure and Economic Growth in East Asia," Journal of Political Economy, Society of Political Economy; Kyushu University, Vol.76, No.5, February 2010

"Effective Development Aid - Has Not Japanese Aid Contributed to the Development of East Asia?" Financial Review, Vol.93, MOF/PRI, March 2009

"Can Globalization Cope with the Aging of East Asia? - Impacts of and Policy Responses for Aging and Globalization on Growth, Savings, and Financial Markets” Study Report on Globalization and Structural Changes in the Japanese Economy, MOF/PRI, July 2008

"Ageing East Asia - Its Impacts on Growth, Savings, and Financial Markets", Journal of Political Economy Vol.74, No.3, Kyushu University, October 2007

"Employment and Capacity Development Policies in the UK and Their Assessment,"" Study Report on Globalization and Structural Changes in the Japanese Economy, MOF/PRI, May 2006 (Joint work with Ms. Junko Sakuyama)

"Employment Policies in Denmark and the EU with Their Assessment," Study Report on Globalization and Structural Changes in the Japanese Economy, MOF/PRI, May 2006 (Joint work with Messrs. Yukiko Yamasaki, Junko Sakuyama, and Shinichi Hirakawa)

"Rethinking Aid for International Public Goods," Financial Review, No.75, MOF/PRI, February 2005

"Theories and Practices on International Aid Coordination: Application of 'Aid Coordination Model' and Vietnam," Journal of JBIC Institute: No.17, September 2003

"Is Vietnamese Rapid Growth and Poverty Reduction Sustainable?" , Management and Economy No.83-2, Nagasaki University, September 2003

"Theories and Practices on Aid for International Public Goods," Management and Economy No.82-2, Nagasaki University, September 2002

Working Papers
"Empirical Analyses on Terrorism; Its Sources and Impacts on Economic Growth," MOF/PRI Discussion Paper Series 14A-01, January 2014

"Effective Development Aid-Selectivity, Proliferation and Fragmentation, and the Growth Impact of Development Assistance," ADBI Working Paper Series, No.342, January 2012

"Revisiting 'Development Economics of Civil Wars' - Empirical Analyses on Outbreak and Intensity of Conflicts, Post-conflict Growth, and Impacts of Aid," Policy Research Institute (PRI) of Ministry of Finance (MOF) Discussion Paper Series 10A-09,September 2010

"Proliferation and Fragmentation of Development Aid and Effective Aid Coordination," MOF/PRI Discussion Paper Series 09A-04, May 2009

"Aging-Growth-Financial Markets; Policy Challenge of East Asia," MOF/PRI Discussion Paper Series 07A-10, August 2007

"Policy Responses and Regional Cooperation in Aging East Asia; An Introduction," Joint work with Dr. Shunichiro Bessho; Proceeding on International Conference on Aging East Asia, co-hosted by ADBI and PRI, September 2006

"The New Wave of Development Finance - Relevance of 'Policy and Institutional Environment' and Tailor-made Aid," MOF/PRI Discussion Paper Series 05A-24,December 2005

"Development Economics of Civil Wars and Cambodia," PRI Discussion Paper Series 04A-10, May 2004

"Prologue of 'Economics on Aid Coordination' - Does Not Aid Coordination Contribute to the 'National Interests'?" MOF/PRI Discussion Paper Series 03A-06, May 2003

"International Coordination for Development Aid - From the Viewpoint of Aid for International Public Goods," MOF/PRI Discussion Paper Series 02A-14, May 2002

"Quantitative Analysis on Foreign Students - An Attempt to Apply 'Educational Economics' to the Stagnation of Incoming Foreign Students," Institute for International Policy Studies (IIPS) Policy Paper 234J, July 1999