ITO Keiko

The below information is as of March 31, 2013. It may differ from the current information.

ITO Keiko

ITO Keiko

Faculty Fellow (until March 31, 2013)

Professor, School of Economics, Senshu University

Activities at RIETI


Empirical Analysis on International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment,
Industry and Firm-Level Productivity Analysis

Research Projects


2002 Ph.D., Economics, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan
1999 M.A., Area Studies, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
1994 B.E., Industrial Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan


2012-Present Professor, School of Economics, Senshu University
2006-2012 Associate Professor, School of Economics, Senshu University
2004-2006 Lecturer, School of Economics, Senshu University
2002-2004 Research Assistant Professor, The International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development (ICSEAD), Kitakyushu, Japan

Selected Publications and Papers

"Determinants of the Profitability of Japanese Manufacturing Affiliates in China and Other Regions: Does Localization of Procurement, Sales, and Management Matter?", The World Economy, Vol. 33, Issue 12, pp. 1639-1671, 2010. (with Kyoji Fukao)

"Does Material and Service Offshoring Improve Domestic Productivity? Evidence from Japanese Manufacturing Industries," RIETI Discussion Paper 10-E-010, 2010. (with Kiyoyasu Tanaka, forthcoming in Robert M. Stern, ed., Quantitative Analysis of Newly Evolving Patterns of International Trade: Fragmentation; Offshoring of Activities; and Vertical Intra-Industry Trade, Chapter 3, World Scientific)

"Cross-Border Acquisitions and Target Firms' Performance: Evidence from Japanese Firm-Level Data", in Takatoshi Ito and Andrew Rose, eds., International Financial Issues in the Pacific Rim: Global Imbalances, Financial Liberalization, and Exchange Rate Policy, Chapter 11, pp. 347-385, University of Chicago Press, 2008. (with K. Fukao, H.U. Kwon, and M. Takizawa)

"Foreign Ownership and Productivity in the Indonesian and Thai Automobile Industries", in Eric D. Ramstetter and Fredrik Sjoholm, eds., Multinational Corporations in Indonesia and Thailand: Wages, Productivity and Exports, Chapter 6, pp. 143-169, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

"Foreign Direct Investment and Trade in Japan: An Empirical Analysis Based on Establishment and Enterprise Census for 1996", Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol. 19, Issue 3, pp. 414-455, 2005. (with Kyoji Fukao)

"Foreign Ownership and Plant Productivity in the Thai Automobile Industry in 1996 and 1998: A Conditional Quantile Analysis ", Journal of Asian Economics, Vol. 15, Issue 2, April 2004, pp. 321-353.

"Vertical Intra-Industry Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia", Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol. 17, Issue 4, pp. 468-506, 2003. (with K. Fukao and H. Ishido)