Fellow (Policy Economist)

Activities at RIETI


Labor Economics, Immigrant Workers, SMEs, EBPM


2012 Ph.D., Economics, University of Tokyo
2007 M.A., Economics, University of Tokyo
2001 B.A., Economics, University of Tokyo


2018 Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI)
2017 Associate Professor, Kyushu University
2014 Lecturer, Kyushu University
2013 Lecturer, Hitotsubashi University
2011 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD), JSPS
2010-2012 Visiting Scholar, Population Research Center, University of Maryland
2009-2011 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2), JSPS
2008 Fox Fellow, Yale University
2001-2005 Ministry of Justice

Selected Publications and Papers

  • "The Impact of Immigrant Workers: The Trend of Research and Data in Japan,"in D. Kawaguchi (eds.), Japanese Labor Market: Perspective of Economist, Yuhikaku, 2017, pp.182-213 (with R. Kambayashi) (in Japanese).
  • "Highly-skilled Immigrants' Occupational Choice and the Japanese Employment System," RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 17-E-59, 2017.
  • "Gender Differences in Careers," RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 17-E-51, 2017 (with K. Sato and H. Owan)
  • "Labor share and firm's performance," Public Policy Review, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Japan, Vol.13, No.2, pp183-205, 2017.
  • "Revision of Technical Intern Training Program and its challenges: The Case of the Agriculture and Construction Industry," The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, No. 662, pp76-87, 2015.
  • "Wages, Promotions, and Gender Workplace Segregation," The Economic Review, Vol.65, No.3, pp.221-237, 2014 (with K. Sato) (in Japanese).
  • "Foreign Workers and Foreign Residents: Do Japanese Really Wish to Live in Harmony with Foreign People?", in K. Hamaguchi (eds.), Welfare +α: Welfare, Labor and Employment, Minervashobo, pp. 202-227, 2013 (in Japanese).
  • "Long-term Effects of Labor Market Conditions on Family Formation for Japanese Youth," Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, No.26, Vol.1, 2012, pp.1-22 (with Ayako Kondo).
  • "Wages and Productivity in Firms using Foreign Trainees," The Keizai Bunseki (The Economic Analysis), No185, pp.67-91, 2011 (in Japanese).
  • "Policy Evaluation of Special District for Foreign Trainees," RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 11-J-048, 2011 (in Japanese).
  • "Wages and Employment Stability of Brazilian Workers in Japan: Analysis Using Portuguese Job Advertisement Data," The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, No.584, pp.54-72, 2009 (in Japanese).
  • Why the Female Labor Force Participation Rate in Metropolitan Areas is Low?: A Reexamination of the Current Situation and of the Issues), RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 08-J-043, 2008 (with Syuko Miyakawa) (in Japanese).