HARA Keishiro

HARA Keishiro

HARA Keishiro

Consulting Fellow

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Activities at RIETI


Future Design, Technology Policy and Innovation, Environmental and Energy Policy, Sustainability Science


2004 Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, The University of Tokyo
2001 Master in Environmental Studies, The University of Tokyo
1999 Bachelor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


October 2019: Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
April 2018: Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
October 2016: Senior Officer for Technology Policy and Strategies, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
April 2016: Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
April 2011: Associate Professor, Center for Environmental Innovation Design for Sustainability
April 2009: Associate Professor, Research Institute for Sustainability Science, Osaka University
August 2006: Assistant Professor, Research Institute for Sustainability Science, Osaka University
April 2004: Researcher, Institute of Global Environmental Strategies

Selected Publications and Papers

  • Hara K, Kuroda M and Nomaguchi Y (2023) How does Research and Development (R&D) Strategy Shift by Adopting Imaginary Future Generations? - Insights from Future Design Practice in a Water Engineering Company, Futures, 152, 103221
  • Hara K, Miura I, Suzuki M and Tanaka T (2023) Designing Research Strategy and Technology Innovation for Sustainability by Adopting “Imaginary Future Generations”—a Case Study using Metallurgy, Futures and Foresight Science, e163
  • Hara K, Naya M, Kitakaji Y, Kuroda M and Nomaguchi Y (2023) Changes in Perception and the Effects of Personal Attributes in Decision-making as Imaginary Future Generations – Evidence from Participatory Environmental Planning, Sustainability Science, 18, 2453–2467
  • Nomaguchi Y, Senoo R, Fukutomi S, Hara K and Fujita K (2023) Utilization method and effect evaluation of systems thinking in Future Design: Comparative analysis of policy-making workshops in local governments, International Journal of Automation Technology, 17(2),183-193
  • Hiromitsu T, Kitakaji Y, Hara K and Saijo T (2021) What do people say when they become “future people”? ―Positioning Imaginary Future Generations (IFGs) in general rules for good decision making, Sustainability, 13(12), 6631
  • Hara K, Kitakaji Y, Sugino H, Yoshioka R, Takeda H, Hizen Y and Saijo T (2021) Effects of Experiencing the Role of Imaginary Future Generations in Decision-Making - a Case Study of Participatory Deliberation in a Japanese Town, Sustainability Science, 16(3), 1001-1016
  • Kuroda M, Uwasu M, Bui X.T, Nguyen P.D, and Hara K (2021) Shifting the Perception of Water Environment Problems by Introducing “Imaginary Future Generations - Evidence from participatory workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Futures, 126, 102671
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Detailed information is available at:
Hara Laboratory (Future Design Lab), Osaka University

Hara Research Base for Future Design, TechnoArena, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University