AKAI Nobuo

The below information is as of August 31, 2013. It may differ from the current information.

AKAI Nobuo

AKAI Nobuo

Faculty Fellow (until August 31, 2013)

Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University

Activities at RIETI


Public Economics, Public Finance, Local Public Finance, Urban Economics

Research Projects


1998 Ph.D., Economics, Osaka University
1993 M.A, Economics, Osaka University
1991 B.A., Economics, Osaka University


2004-present Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Hyogo
1999-2004 Associate Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Kobe University of Commerce
1997-1999 Assistant Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Kobe University of Commerce
1995-1996 Research Associate, Institute of Economic Research, Kobe University of Commerce
1994-1995 Research Associate, Faculty of Economics, Osaka University

Selected Publications and Papers

Economics of Intergovernmental transfers, Yu-hi-kaku, 2003.

"When do Cost Differentials among Privately Provided Public Goods make Income Transfer Policy Effective?" Economics Bulletin, Vol. 8, No. 13, 2003.

"Fiscal Decentralization Contributes to Economic Growth: Evidence from State-level Cross-section Data for the United States," Journal of Urban Economics, 52, 2002.

"Central Government Subsidies to Local Public Goods," Economics of Governance, 3, 2002.

Public Finance and Policy Evaluation in Japan-Evidence from the New Balance Sheet of Government, Nihon-hyo-ronsya, 2001.

"Soft Budget Constraint in Local Public Expenditure," The Korean Journal of Public Finance, 15, 2001.

"An Optimal Tax Scheme to Finance Social Security in a Model with Endogenous Longevity," Journal of Economic Research, 3, 1998.

"Optimality of A Competitive Equilibrium in A Small Open City with Congestion," Journal of Urban Economics, 43, 1998.

"Ricardian Equivalence for Local Government Bonds - Budget Constraint Approach," Economics Letters, Vol.44, 1994.


Member, International Institute of Public Finance (Germany)
Research Staff, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance (Japan)