WTO’s Further Actions for SDGs

Author Name UMEJIMA Osamu (Takasaki City University of Economics)
Creation Date/NO. March 2024 24-E-031
Research Project Restructuring the international trade law system based on sustainability
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This paper discusses actions that WTO may take to achieve the SDGs: WTO Members should further improve preferential treatment to increase exports from and production in least developed countries (“LDCs”) by including major LDC export goods, such as agricultural goods and dairy products, in their DFQF lists, relaxing the rules of origins applicable to LDC goods, and not imposing countervailing duties against subsidies, including third-country subsidies, granted directly or indirectly by LDCs; WTO Members should continue working on food security and access to essential medicines and vaccines for LDCs; WTO Members should relaunch the EGA negotiation; to effectuate the prohibition of forced labor and child labor, WTO Members should discuss guidelines of measures that would be permissive under the Article XX; WTO Members should explore the permissive import carbon import fees, establishing a dedicated forum in the WTO; and WTO Members should not impose countervailing duties against temporary exemptions from environmental obligations while other Members are taking efforts to achieve their final goals.