Macroeconomic Dynamics: Understanding the origins of business cycles

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by NIREI Makoto
Publisher Yuhikaku Publishing
ISBN 978-4-641-16621-9
Publication Date November 2023

Table of Contents

This groundbreaking book explains the new business cycle theory. Instead of looking for exogenous shocks as causes of business cycles, we focus on the power law that causes the synchronized behavior of economic agents to elucidate the mechanism by which micro interactions produce macro fluctuations.

Introduction: The Origins of Economic Fluctuations

Part I. Macroeconomic Models
Chapter 1: Business Cycle Theory
Chapter 2: New Keynesian Model
Chapter 3: Heterogeneous-Agent Macroeconomic Models

Part 2. From Micro to Macro Fluctuations
Chapter 4: Aggregate Investment Fluctuations of Micro Origin
Chapter 5: Inflation Fluctuations
Chapter 6: Asset Prices and Macroeconomics: Preliminary
Chapter 7: Asset Price Fluctuations and Information Aggregation

Conclusion: Three Autonomously Fluctuating Macroeconomic Variables