EBPM: Introduction and Practice of Evidence-Based Policy Making

Author(s)/Editor(s) Edited by OHTAKE Fumio, UCHIYAMA Yu, KOBAYASHI Yohei
Publisher Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
ISBN 978-4-296-11526-6
Publication Date December 2022

Table of Contents

After explaining the basic concepts and methods of EBPM, this book deals with concrete explanations of cases in foreign countries, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as practices in Japan. It provides useful and easy-to-understand clues as to what evidence is in the first place, what procedures should be followed in EBPM, and what kinds of cases can be used as models.


Part 1: Basics of EBPM: Fundamental Concepts and Current Situation in Japan
Chapter 1 What is EBPM?
Chapter 2: Causal Inference and Effectiveness Verification
Chapter 3: What EBPM Can Learn from EBM in Healthcare
Chapter 4: Death to EBPM! And toward EBPM in the 22nd Century

Part 2: EBPM Cases Abroad
Chapter 5: EBPM in the United States
Chapter 6: EBPM in the United Kingdom
Chapter 7: Advances in Evidence-Based Practice in Overseas Development

Part 3: Domestic Cases of EBPM (1) Education, Environmental Energy, and Economic and Industrial Policy
Chapter 8: EBPM in Education
Chapter 9 EBPM in Environment and Energy
Chapter 10 EBPM in Economic and Industrial Policy
Chapter 11 EBPM in Hiroshima Prefecture

Part 4: Domestic Cases of EBPM (2) Policy Applications of Nudges
Chapter 12 What is a nudge? Basic Concept and the Japanese Nudge Unit "BEST”
Chapter 13: Implementing Policy Nudges in Local Governments
Chapter 14 Disaster Prevention Nudges