Democracy in the 22nd Century

Author(s)/Editor(s) Written by NARITA Yusuke
Publisher SB Creative
ISBN 978-4-8156-1560-4
Publication Date July 2022

Table of Contents

Question everything you know.

I am positive that nothing will change in Japan even if young people go to elections and “participate” in politics.

This is not cynicism. It is a call to focus on more important things. What is more important? Remaking the rules of the game of politics, including elections and the way democracy itself is conducted. Changing the rules of the game, in this case is nothing less than a revolution.

This is the one and only book that will change the way you see society in the 22nd century.

Chapter 1: Breakdowns (XY-ism and YX-ism; Tangled Tripods: The Baggage of Democracy, etc.)
Chapter 2: Struggle (Struggle, flight, and conception; Between the despair and delusion of Silver Democracy, etc.)
Chapter 3: Escape (Tax Havens as Metaphor; Toward a Democracy Haven? etc.)
Chapter 4: The Conception (Toward Democracy without Elections; Democracy is the Transformation of Data, etc.)